The Week’s Tweets (2010-07-18)

  • WHY won't the contractor just FINISH. THE. JOB. #AboutToRunAmokWithAMachinegun #
  • Intriguing that my pro-legalization article is getting supportive comments even at a "conservative" publication. #pot #
  • Oil leak capped, financial reform passed. Here's hoping Obama keeps "failing." #
  • "Mystery Plumber" may be brains behind containment cap. (Presence of "brains" indicates it's not Joe, however.) #
  • Indication no. 437 your news source is lying to you: they act like there is something significant about the "New Black Panthers." #
  • Either (1) the oil leak is capped or (2) BP is lying, so, you know, grain of salt. #bp #
  • Glad I just jury-rigged a standup desk! #
  • Dick Cheney is in the end stages of congestive heart failure. #
  • Yup: seeing "a bald eagle dumpster-diving, feathers matted with waste is … like walking in on Uncle Sam on the john." #
  • Tons of comments on my pot-legalization article–mostly pro. If you're against it, you'd better jump in! #pot #
  • You can now say f*** on the air. #
  • Legalize it, and I'll advertise it (well, I'll write a Went West column about it, anyway): #pot #legalization #prop19 #
  • Mark Twain: "Interviewers are courteous and gentle-mannered, even when they come to destroy." #
  • Why does everyone call the Russian spies "dumb"? They got paid for doing nothing. Sounds like their bosses are the dumb ones. #
  • My latest Went West column grapples with that New York mag article on parenting. #
  • "Wall Street hiring in anticipation of recovery": Reassuring? Or yet more proof that these guys aren't that bright? #

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