Sorry if you have been visiting regularly and have been disappointed to find me lax in updating. I don’t have the rythym of this thing again (there’s always the damn problem of finding time I’m not spending on other projects), but I really do hope to start posting regularly soon (like, within mere weeks!). If I know you and told you about this, I’ll let you know when it gets going again. Thanks for your interest.

Updated update: The real show kicks off Sunday, April 29; there will no doubt be some incidental posting between now and then.

Kafka hated his job

From a blog that is reprinting Kafka’s diaries:

Apart from my family situation, I couldn’t live from literature alone because of the slow development of my work and its particular character; in addition, my health and my character prevent me from devoting myself to a life that is uncertain at best. So I have become an office worker at a social insurance institute. Now these two professions could never tolerate one another and accept a shared fortune. The least good fortune in one is a great misfortune in the other. If I have written something good one evening, the next day in the office I am on fire and can’t get anything finished. This back-and-forth is getting steadily worse.

In the office I fulfill my duties outwardly, but not my inner duties, and each unsatisfied inner duty turns into an unhappiness which never stirs out of me.

That last graf would make a good addition to a resignation letter.

Objective achieved

A. announced her safe arrival in College Town yesterday at 7:29 p.m. (ET) with a text message reading “Here! 2400 miles”. At the time, I learned when I called her, she was still driving around trying to locate the house of the woman whose job she is taking over and who is hosting A. in her house for the first month or so of the job. A. says the town is pretty, with “mountains everywhere” and lots of snow. I can’t wait to see it myself…