The Week’s Twitters (2009-08-29)

  • Feller bunchers, grapple skidders, and stroke delimbers. #
  • Boarding a Cesna 210. #
  • Sardines and rum. #
  • LIstening to the Michael Steele interview on NPR this morning, I am so glad he is the RNC chairman. #
  • We’re going to need a bigger boat. #
  • Preparing for my first junket. #
  • inflating my stability ball #
  • Might need to borrow some fishing equipment “suitable for small water.” #
  • Exploring tools for storing links + notes (for later blogging). Liking Publish2 and ScribeFire. Any other recommendations? #

The Week’s Twitters (2009-08-22)

  • Funny People at 7pm, Carmike Mullan Road, anyone? #
  • Another doctor’s visit, another call to the insurance company to try to get them to cover what they said they’d cover. #
  • Just back from a free car-seat-installation appointment at Community Medical Center. Fast, easy, and informative. #
  • Betting you’ll never see a single bike actually IN the newly painted eastbound bike lane on Spruce — it’s @ 15 feet from the parking lane. #
  • Making pineapple-mushroom-avocado-swiss burgers with fresh vegetable mac and cheese. #
  • Stopped watching Australia about 30 minutes in. Just couldn’t take it. #
  • Two cops who think we should legalize it: #
  • About to finish Deadwood, thinking of starting Mad Men. Don Draper sounds like a natural segue from Al Swerengen. #
  • Getting ready for a meeting with a potential new client. #

The Week’s Twitters (2009-08-15)

  • Fixing the fence and teaching the yellowjackets to fear the Hammer of Sutton. #
  • Anyone in Missoula need a futon? #
  • Yes, Virginia, people do lie when they tell you to consider the futon you are selling “spoken for”. #
  • I thought the Missoulian was redesigning its web site… #
  • Everyone said watch Business of Being Born; I’d amend that to: “if your insurance pays for home births.” Otherwise, ignorance, bliss, etc. #
  • Wow, $65 worth of change takes up surprisingly little room. #
  • Digital TV fails in this household. #
  • Driving to Glacier. #

The Week’s Twitters (2009-08-08)

  • At intersection of Potter and Muggle in a new Missoula housing development. #
  • Fortunately, the heat wave breaks tomorrow. Unfortunately, I scheduled tubing for the day after that. #
  • Is anyone aware of any UFC/MMA amateur events in/around Missoula anytime soon? #
  • Amazing how a dip in a river changes a hot day. #
  • Is Fox 17 hard for anyone else to get on their digital converter? #

The Week’s Twitters (2009-08-01)

  • Trying to decide whether to buy a 1980 Ford F250 for 100 dollars. #
  • Grilling pork shoulder. #
  • 12 essential human skills, including “information assimilation,” “writing,” “speaking.” #
  • Disappointed that Google Voice cannot record outgoing calls. Maybe one day. Until then, digging RecordiaPro. #
  • Should have known: big difference between what your doctor considers “routine” and what your insurer considers “routine.” #
  • Kind of embarrassing looking at an “explanation of (lack of) benefits” letter from your health insurer with a Canadian in the house. #
  • Exploring my new Google Voice account. #
  • The woman from Calgary said it “hardly ever” gets down to 40 below there. #
  • Back in Missoula after 3 months in a tent. #