The Week’s Tweets (2010-07-11)

  • People are actually talking about whether tanning tax violates whites' rights. #MostInconsequentialSuperpowerEver #
  • Oooh, death panels are back! Also, new Medicare chief will somehow institute UK-style national healthcare on his own! #
  • So I hear there is someone who calls himself LeBron James. #
  • If the MSM is so "liberal," how come reporters only get fired for espousing liberal viewpoints? #
  • I know mama grizzly bears. Ex-governor Palin, you are no mama grizzly bear. #
  • Wow, Flickr now lets you "grab the code" to use Creative Commons photos, rather than having to download/reupload them. Nice! #
  • Republicans abusing filibuster rule angry at Obama for "abusing" recess-appointments rule. #
  • Is there some kind of big sports thing happening today or something? #
  • After 10+ yrs with credit unions, it's disconcerting to learn of all the different fees I'm expected to donate to a bank's shareholders. #
  • Internet petitions used to be meaningless/ineffective (due to ease of faking signatures, etc.). Has that changed? #
  • "Sometimes people who are self-righteous and not very bright say things they don't mean but think they should mean." #

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