The Week’s Tweets (2010-07-04)

  • The church bells in this town are all five minutes fast. Although that may sound like a Tom Waits lyric, it's just an observation. #
  • So apparently they sell power recliners now. #
  • Idaho GOP plank: "Payments to [public] employees requested to be paid in silver and or gold, Will be complied with." #
  • Fun as it is to crack on pro athletes' salaries, can football players ever be paid enough for sacrificing their brains? #
  • “They couldn’t have been spies. Look what she did with the hydrangeas.” #
  • If failure were ever really "an option," would it be called "failure"? #
  • Yes! "I have to think (and experiment) every single time I want to decipher one of these keyboard 'shortcuts.'" #
  • My latest Went West column continues to trace our experiences on the fringes of the mortgage crisis. #wtcomm #

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