The Week’s Tweets (2010-03-21)

  • I like access to health care as much as next guy-but not at cost of making abortion slightly less convenient. #
  • "Bachmann: “˜I don’t mean any disrespect’ when I accuse the media of “˜treason.’" #
  • Walmart undercutting… payday lenders? #
  • Starting to remember which houses with dogs to avoid when I'm walking with a sleeping baby. #
  • "It’s not rocket science: 100 rules for NASA project managers." via @mstibbe #
  • Really glad we set Coen's tantrums ahead one hour on Sunday morning. #
  • DIsappointed that I only learned of Missoula's supplementary March leaf pickup when the trucks showed up. #
  • Paranoid political style in a psychological nutshell: focusing anger on powerful foe mitigates our fears. #
  • Latest Went West column: reckoning the costs of moving from a city to a small town. #

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