The Week’s Tweets (2010-01-03)

  • Military peeps: how bad a back injury could get you discharged early these days? Would you have to be completely debilitated? #
  • Just saved $120 by replacing my car's door handle myself. #
  • My latest WTC column: Montanans' love of guns is strong, even at Christmas time. #
  • Watching Missoula police administer a horizontal-gaze nystagmus test in front of my house. #
  • My Corolla's outside door handle doesn't open the door anymore. Is this easy to fix by myself? #
  • Can any Missoulians help me track down info on the guy sentenced to prison a few years back for shooting a kid breaking into his car? #
  • Does anyone else out there hate the New Yorker "digital edition"? #
  • So, invade Yemen now? #
  • Thought for the day: Observant private citizens continue to be the only proved, effective defense against terrorism, just like on 9/11. #

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