The Week’s Tweets (2009-11-14)

  • Red letter day: for the first time in about two years, New West Health Insurance got something right the first time! #
  • Is it common for two-month vaccines to turn a baby into the antichrist, or are we just lucky? #
  • Coen is sleeping so peacefully right now. It's a good thing he doesn't know he will be jabbed with needles later today. #
  • Getting somewhere. #
  • Worth paying attention to: RT @bradrourke: Poll: Veterans Ready To Serve On Home Front: #
  • What do I need to do to be able to run Windows Visual Basic applications/templates on my MacBook? #
  • Note to Samsung ML-3051N printer owners: my print cartridge lasted several thousand pages after "replace toner" light started blinking. #
  • Looking for people to help me start "double-entendre Tuesday" (#DET) and "that's what she said Thursday" (#TWSST). Tweet it on! #
  • Double-entendre Tuesday: writing an article about a financial entity "taking a position behind a banker". Hey! Ho! #
  • And from another job ad: "if you don't have any samples, i will need to see you to 'get a feel.'" Hey! Ho! #
  • Just saw a job ad looking for someone who can do "proper English sentence making." #
  • In my latest Missoula Notebook column, I'm taking Walter Sobchak's advice and drawing a line in the alley. #
  • Coen would like all of you who are not in earshot to know that, in his opinion, today sucks. #
  • Scary thought for the day: in less than 2 months, stuff from the 1990s starts being "20 years ago." #
  • Today's H1N1 clinic at Sentinel HS now opened to children 6 months-4 years old, according to MTPR. Until 5 pm. #
  • Vaccinated! Well, half vaccinated anyway. #
  • Already about 100 people in line for flu shots at Sentinel HS. Clinic starts in 30 minutes. #
  • If only the health-reform bill had been more liberal, maybe more conservative Democrats and all the Republicans would have voted for it. #

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