The Week’s Tweets (2009-11-07)

  • "Yours will not be as exact." #
  • I thought Jason Kottke knew everything: RT @jkottke: Why do cashiers write on $20+ bills before putting them in the register? #
  • Break's internet is out. Probably not the worst thing, in my case. #
  • "I guess I should've read it," said Brenner of the contract." Well, yes. #
  • If anyone is having any difficulty waking up every 15 minutes between 5 and 7 a.m., you can borrow Coen if you want. #
  • Coen's Scream Style is immensely powerful and immune to nearly any weapon.\ #
  • Matches, Vladimir Nabokov, and (missing) the premiere of V, all rolled into one column over at Went West: #
  • Playing with matches, Vladimir Nabokov, and the premiere of V, all rolled into one column over at Went West: #
  • Mailbox size limits that it's possible to actually reach are so 2001. #
  • Does anyone know the children's book about a boy who befriends a Martian and has to explain Earth to him? Circa 1980s, early chapter book. #
  • Two hours of sleep is the new four hours of sleep. #
  • "Iraqi security forces at hundreds of checkpoints have been relying on a hand-held wand." #
  • Favorite things: raindrops on roses and the "encumbered but not yet invoiced" dollar-total cell on my project-tracking spreadsheet. #
  • Thanks, internet: from looking up a technical term for some paying work to watching a video of a man opening a bottle of wine with his shoe. #
  • Guy at next table is paying bills by writing paper checks, taking pictures of them with a digital camera, and uploading them online. #
  • Birth Center is birth ready, but hospital ban poses problems. Hebl's patients lobbying Community. #
  • Need to talk to someone who knows their prison/meaningful counterculture tattoo symbology, preferably among hobo subculture of northwest. #
  • Amused by a sentence I just wrote that included the phrases "remote wipe" and "users can self service." #
  • What a silly thing to do, Councilman Hendrickson. #

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