The Week’s Tweets (2009-09-12)

  • Customizing a WordPress blogging template. #
  • High availability and site resilience! #
  • Watch out for those "mesmerizing spirals of doom"! #
  • Productive as hell: my goal for the day. #
  • What do you say when it's over? #
  • Are "cheers" and "best" still the cool-kid ways to close emails, or is there a hot new "complimentary closing" yet? #
  • Do I know any Turkish speakers? #
  • Excited that my Samsung ML 3051 laser printer's cartridge is coming up on two years' life — though it's been flashing "low" since January. #
  • Increased education funding… for bears? #
  • Looking forward to "Sweatshop," a "love letter to classic slasher films," at the Roxy at 8pm tonight. #
  • For my novel, can anyone tell me some things a couple undergoing infertility txmts might have lying around? (Hold the ribaldry, please.) #

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