“[Obama] will not buy anyone gasoline, and he will not pay their mortgage.”

So predicts Xavier, the self-described “nurse with a gun,” in a post titled “Looking at Conquest.” (If you are interested in gunsmithing, shooting, and self-defense, I recommend Xavier’s blog, though it is occasionally peppered with stuff like this.)

Unlike most of the predictions I’m collecting, I think this particular one is probably correct. But I’m not convinced that any significant number of the people who voted for Obama did so in the hope that he would initiate direct transfers from the U.S. Treasury into everyone’s bank accounts, as Xavier seems to believe they did.

Other predictions from Xavier:

“By 2010, Barack Obama will suffer many more slings and arrows than George W. Bush ever did… [because] the mainstream media is not about providing information. They are about power. The power to get someone elected, and then the power to tear them to shreds… Since they felt the taste of power in the taking down of Richard Nixon, they have systematically tried to dismember every President that has held office, whether they helped him achieve that office or not. Barack Obama will not survive this onslaught. His followers are too fickle.”

“Barack Obama will no doubt be remembered as the most ineffectual and perhaps the worst President the United States ever elected.”

There is also an implied argument that Obama has come to office with the specific goal of limiting gun rights:

“Gun owners were soundly defeated in this election. Two of the most vehement gun rights abolitionists ever to achieve office are now headed for the leadership of this country.

Anticipating the dissipation of the Obama administration’s power that he predicts will occur by 2010, Xavier says that “we must preserve our rights until then.”

In another post, he expresses his worry that Obama will institute “socialized medicine.”