New Feature: Bird Camp Dispatches

So that you don’t have to waste time scrolling down through my diary entries to get to the good stuff, I’ve decided to make A.’s Bird Camp reports a separate feature. This will also make it possible to read them all at once, by clicking on the “Bird Camp” category in the left sidebar. I’m not going to pull the past Bird Camp passages out of the diary entries in which they appeared, I’m just going to tag those entries “Bird Camp” as well.

This feature will be “occasional,” meaning I’ll post a new dispatch whenever I have enough new information to warrant it.

As I think I mentioned, I’m also going to make an “About Bird Camp” page, to provide a little more background and context for the dispatches. I’m going to start on that this weekend, at which point I will likely discover many things that I’m unclear on and that I’ll have to ask A. about. Hopefully I hope that it will be up within a week or so.