I’ve never suspected Lou Dobbs of being smart…

…but what does it say about the CNN “commentator” and wannabe-Huey Long-style fulminator that, while he apparently doesn’t read the New York Times (which, whatever you think of the paper, is just stupid for someone in the news business), he still feels free to make statements like this:

I’ll bet you know about the illegal alien amnesty marches, but I don’t know of a single news organization, electronic or print[,] that pointed out that May 1 is America’s Law Day. The cable news networks gave almost wall-to-wall coverage to the illegal alien demonstrations, but they apparently couldn’t find any American celebrating Law Day.

Strange. In addition to the NY Times mention I noted yesterday, news.google.com turns up 327 mentions.

I guess that’s not as dramatic, though.


Correction: I added the word “wannabe” after Michael Deibert reminded me that, as mixed a reputation as Huey Long has, Lou Dobbs is not qualified even to clean up spit in the shadow of the man’s gravestone, much less hold a candle to Long’s eloquence and guts. In retrospect, I regret dignifying Dobbs by comparing him to an actual man, but now that I went to the bother of learning how to do an HTML “text anchor,” so that readers can jump straight from “wannabe” in the text to this correction, I’m just going to let it stand.

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