The Week’s Tweets (2010-06-20)

  • Wow marathons are annoying. #
  • "He has that knife in his pocket just in case he has to cut someone else an emergency set of jean shorts." #
  • GOP: responsibility/accountability great for poor people/schools. But for corporations, it's "Chicago-style shakedown." #
  • "Don't push me, because I'm close to the edge." #
  • When I eat un- or lightly-salted peanuts, I am reminded that I don't really like peanuts, I like salt. #
  • Oenophiles aren't so smart. #
  • "When you learn something new, you quickly redact your past so you can feel the comfort of always being right." #
  • Surprised to hear Christian radio host claim that atheists believe humans are "naturally good." What?! #
  • "If we could make money selling human body parts for food, we would, but the law does not allow it." #
  • Impossible to "shame" corporations. Want better behavior? Only choice: change laws to increase financial penalties. #
  • "Far from making us stupid, these technologies are the only things that will keep us smart." #
  • "The people who did this are not clowns," one professional clown said. #
  • "Hi, we’re here from immigration. Do you mind if we come in to look and see if two towels are wet?" #
  • Ladies: letting me be chivalrous just might be an act of kindess and generosity. #feminism #gender #
  • My latest Went West column: Always make the dump run, and other lessons on How To Be A Man. #

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