The Week’s Tweets (2010-06-06)

  • Assembling the bikes. #
  • Relieved to hear it: "there's never been evidence of secret Facebook rituals". #
  • I know real estate has changed recently, but is it normal for buyers to require you to bark like a dog before the sale can go through? #
  • Hey Word, how about just keeping the "large amount of text on the clipboard"? If I need it, I need it. If not, we can forget it on shutdown. #
  • Pedantic copywriters: there's a difference between errors and ignorance. Besides, if you "educate" everyone successfully, you have no job. #
  • Hint #215 your news source may be lying to you: Keeps saying Fannie/Freddie + Barney Frank caused housing bubble. #
  • Accused adulterer Nikki Haley is in good GOP company (Gingrich, McCain, etc.), so here's hoping they forgive her. #
  • It's the birthday of Dr. Ruth, who among other things trained with the Israeli army to be a sniper. #
  • Woman have "spring lines" and "what everyone's wearing this fall," men have "new shaving systems." #
  • Thanks for the RT and the compliment! RT @angelahopp: More great writing from @stokes. #
  • Current Israeli government = sleeper force with goal of destroying Israel? #
  • Over at Went West: I drove cross-country and didn't learn a thing about the national character. #

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