The Week’s Tweets (2010-05-02)

  • Suspicions were raised by the fact that the wounds did not appear to be consistent with a spear fight. #
  • So glad they did away with the old Derby tradition of cooking and eating the winning horse "to absorb its power." #
  • NBC relieved that "the weather continues to be a story" as it looks to fill coverage of the hour leading up to a 2-minute horse race. #
  • China's presence in Africa better for Africans than traditional Western aid community? #
  • Why are the "similar stories" that newspaper web sites attempt to serve up so rarely "similar" to the one you are reading? #
  • Happy May Day: unions better as mutual aid associations than as vehicles for mobilisation of the working class. #
  • Do I know anyone with David Simon's email address? I need to volunteer my services for the inevitable oil-spill/Coast Guard season of Treme. #
  • Thought for the day: Missoula's Bagels on Broadway operates very much as if it were the only bagel place in town. It is, but still. #
  • Another oil-rig accident? Almost enough to make you think fossil fuels are dangerous and we should seek alternatives. #
  • Cleanup, baby, cleanup: fossil fuels without spills about as realistic as war without atrocities. #
  • Lots of dads in the parks these days. #
  • Two simpletons to be removed from gene pool. #
  • Health Care Reform benefits-such as end to dropping people because very sick-are kicking in ahead of schedule. #
  • Existentially dizzied by finding old third-grade classmates on Facebook. #
  • People, please: as a default practice, emails sent from your work account should have a signature block with phone number, etc. #
  • Also you Baltimore people: do I know any landlords just dying to get a renter into a vacant property? #
  • Hey Baltimore: do I know anyone who has done a full-service in-town move there? #
  • You haven't known fun until you've tried to sell two houses at once and buy a third while "working" from home/caring for a seven month old. #
  • I knew the whole Rough Rider thing was kind of a charade, but I never realized how deeply disturbed Teddy Roosevelt was. #
  • Fights broke out as a "stop the violence" go-go performance was wrapping up in downtown Silver Spring. #
  • Sure, Barney is always smiling, but he has the flat, affectless eyes of a sociopath. #
  • Disappointed that house inspection did not find the chests of Confederate gold I was hoping for, but I guess they would be buried anyway. #
  • In honor of Confederate History Month, why the "heritage not hate" excuse for flying the stars and bars is total BS: #
  • For my life insurance physical, does anyone have a pair of extremely light, extremely tall platform shoes I can borrow? #
  • Trying to remember that our interpretations of quick, out-of-context comments online are almost always wrong. #

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