The Week’s Tweets (2010-02-28)

  • These terrible earthquakes are almost enough to make me believe that the earth's surface consists of shifting tectonic plates. #
  • Slightly more than two hours until the tsunami gets to Hawaii (1619 ET). #
  • Starting my 35th project for my favorite client. (You can see why they're my favorite.) #
  • On Avatar: "I can’t name a single other instance of someone arguing, “Look, it’s stupid, it’s lame, but you hafta." #
  • "[Y]oung black adults ages 18 to 25 years old were less likely to use illicit drugs than the national average." #
  • "Recent data do not support the ubiquity of black crack-mom characters in [Tyler Perry] movies." #
  • Cut the COAST GUARD'S budget? Yeah, lot of fat to trim there. #
  • Do babies ever blink? Hard to win staring contests with Coen. #
  • Man the sun is annoying when you are pushing a stroller with a sleeping baby inside. #
  • Gold standard plus no central banks = two of the worst depressions in American history. #
  • Hey, now you can carry guns in Nation Parks (in states that allow it in their state parks). Who cares? #
  • Went West may be moving east, but at least it's to a state with "west" in the name. #wtcomm @wtcommunities #
  • Went West may be moving east, but at least it's to a state with "west" in the name. #
  • Note to stroller makers: if you aren't going to include a steering wheel, it doesn't do much good to put the swiveling wheels on the front. #
  • Is it really accurate to call this guy "a Corvallis man"? Hint: I'm not talking about the "Corvallis" part. #
  • "This is new for us, dealing with someone stealing houses." #
  • "The officers followed a trail of stolen M&Ms to her door." #
  • Is it my imagination, or do Montanans do a lot of baby shaking? Also, FYI, "spanking" a one month old: = 911. #
  • Loving the SmartCart massage chair in concourse B of Cincinnati airport. #
  • Even from catching just a few minutes of cable news in an airport waiting area it is easy to understand what a negative force it is. #
  • Who actually throws a newspaper away in an airport waiting area? #
  • Biscuit World! #
  • Where can I find a photo gallery of the men's cross country race? I'm looking for different angles on Kriukov's photo finish. #
  • If you're looking for a house in Missoula, please check out our ad. Open house today 12-2 p.m. #

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