The Week’s Tweets (2010-02-07)

  • Coen rejects the individualistic model of environmentalism and argues that we will solve our problems at the policy level or not at all. #
  • The Pea-Green Boat makes me ready my torpedo tubes. #
  • Disappointed that I missed Dr. Phil. What is happening to me? #
  • Coen slept all night on a stationary surface! ("Slept all night" = woke up at 2 and 5, but that's normal.) #
  • No daycare. #
  • Shot fired at kitten abuser's house, "but not by police." #
  • RT @SherryDevlin: Police standoff in progress at home of abused kitten: #
  • Name the poet: "Those wild screaming beaches…" #
  • Trying to do less so I can get more done. #
  • Inspiring to see even Toyota doing its part to help out the U.S. car industry! #
  • I thought The Hurt Locker was supposed to be good. #
  • The great Scott McLemee on Haiti and the role of the Caribbean: #
  • Important difference between "the unemployment rate" and "people who don't have a job." #
  • Can they really call it a "retweet" when they change "love" to "luv," "to" to "2," and so forth? #
  • I love how the internet is at the point where you don't even have to wonder if you'll be able to find a photo of a biker holding a kitten. #
  • Now I have something in common with Danny Torrance. #
  • Loving USAA. (Good thing I was smart enough to marry into an officer's family.) #
  • So, daycare. #
  • Quote from an interview transcript I am reading: "Can you put some words back in my mouth again?" #
  • How can I make an alarm go off every 30 minutes (or customizable) while my computer's on? Browser based is okay. Simpler the better. #
  • Oops, never mind, Firefox add-on "Simple Timer" crashes my browser. #
  • Experimenting with Firefox add-on "Simple Timer" to remind me to stretch every half hour. #

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