The Week’s Tweets (2010-01-31)

  • Man, Oprah is being a lot harder on Jay Leno than on Sarah Palin. #
  • 12 tips to help you read more. Most helpful: if you're not enjoying a book, stop reading it! #
  • Can anyone recommend some reading that might quickly give some sense of what it's like to know/care for someone in a coma? #
  • What "family values" really look like: paid paternity leave in the UK. #
  • OK, ACORN pimp guy may not have been "wiretapping" after all. #
  • Definitely can't imagine buying an iPad. #iPad #
  • Flattered that Obama took the time to email me right after the State of the Union address. He must have been tired! #
  • Why Dems are so often frustrated in their policy goals, from Nate Silver: "Power is as power resists." #
  • Loving my @FlipVideoBrand camera but hating their support. 2 open tickets, 2 weeks with no response. #
  • Guy who busted ACORN arrested for felony wiretapping of a Democratic senator. #
  • Wait, I thought Lost was supposed to be good. #
  • If Coen's attention span doesn't get longer soon, I may have to finish Horton Hears A Who on my own sometime. #
  • Stop using "lead" as the past tense of "lead"; not only is it wrong, it's confusing. "Led," people. "Led." #
  • Great from @johncr8on: “You can count on Americans to do the right thing… after they’ve exhausted all other options.” #
  • If a corporation can be a person, a dolphin definitely can. #
  • What do you mean, television can't turn my baby into a genius? My latest Went West column: #

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