The Week’s Tweets (2010-01-24)

  • Starting to wish Montana had a Democratic representative-but only so that I could vote against him this fall. #
  • Dishes Fairy: feel free to stop by anytime this morning. #
  • Montana family dies for lack of working smoke detectors. #
  • So was it the road less traveled by? Or had the passing there worn them really about the same? #
  • RT @kottke: Myths of the Revolutionary War, including "Washington was a brilliant tactician." #
  • Great news for Missoula! (Potentially.) RT @missoulian: Missoula company, others want to study airfare disparity #
  • Hasn't the New Yorker heard that Malcolm Gladwell is over? #
  • Thinking we need to get rid of the "progressive" wing of the House. #
  • Nate Silver ranks the "blame" for Coakley's loss: national environment 13, Coakley 14, special circumstances 4. #
  • From my blog: how did Brown win? Because he ran like he wanted it. #
  • I think Brown's victory mainly tells us that people get excited to vote in elections they perceive to be game-changing. #
  • What referendum on health care? Brown supports Mass.'s plan, which is largely same as national plan. #
  • Brown's victory comes from "structural factors," but don't expect political reporters to discuss that. Too boring. #
  • Nate Silver says Brown has a 74-percent chance of winning the MA-SEN special election. #
  • Newberry Awards for 2010: #
  • Intrigued by stories of adoptions imperiled by Haiti quake. Here's one with a happy ending: #
  • Donate, but not to Haiti. #
  • I would tell you where a certain speed trap is, but I can't wait to see your inconsiderate ass get pulled over. #
  • Some actually useful thoughts about MLK day (as opposed to much of what you will read about this day). #

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