The Week’s Tweets (2010-01-10)

  • In 2010, will Montana maintain its standing as the deadliest DUI state? My latest Went West column: #
  • Cyclist-bashing Dr. Thompson gets five years in prison. #
  • Overheard in the Break: "I think we're one of the few couples that actually planned our pregnancy." #
  • Persistence pays: 3rd polite, "just checking" email to a potential client gets an apology and a proposal to get the ball rolling next week. #
  • I know the internet doesn't care what I had for lunch, but my son had a bottle. #
  • Why doesn't @Missoulian link to earlier articles when it is updating a story? Win-win: helps researchers, gets more page views. #
  • At the Break early after dropping my brother at the airport. #
  • My mom is looking for hints about the best gadgets for digitizing old VHS tapes. #
  • Another day, another chance to feel worthless as a father and to wonder how we survive economically when my son won't take a g.d. bottle. #
  • Is there a FB app that helps quantify/graph your FB activity over the year? (Number posts, kind, etc.) #
  • The public is our most effective first response against terrorism (5 flights saved by passengers since 2001!): #
  • "He wasn't stabbing me for real." #

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