The Week’s Tweets (2009-12-12)

  • Writing the Christmas letter. #
  • The Coen abides. #
  • RT @ekpaster: I am so over everyone calling everyone else a "douche." … Let's revive some new vaguely misogynistic insult for 2010. #
  • Just encountered a captcha that required me to type the word "bitchier." #
  • Sharks patrol these waters. #
  • Here in Missoula, I note that it is supposed to be almost 60 percent warmer tomorrow than it was today. #
  • I see Furl is dead. Is there a similar service for keeping track of interesting articles/posts found online? #
  • The Copenhagen Conspiracy: What's In It For The Scientists? #
  • Amanda Knox: Guilty? Or Railroaded by Satan-Obsessed Prosecutor? #

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