The Week’s Tweets (2009-11-28)

  • Bear suit! #
  • Yes, I did wrap my turkey with bacon. #
  • My family sleeps in the living room as I prepare to google what it means to "brine a turkey." #
  • Missoula parental units: learn first aid skills for caregivers of kids at the Kiddo Care Course. #
  • Off to the store. On the day before Thanksgiving. May God have mercy on my soul. #
  • RT @ArmedwScience: Stuffing should be 165 degrees and other FDA safety tips for healthy holidays. #
  • Sparkman suicide a reminder to question assumptions. #
  • Field note: four elderly Sarah Palin fans at next table (men, natch). One of them is explaining who Tina Fey is to the rest of them. #
  • Thank goodness Obama is not the kind of president Maureen Dowd would like him to be: #
  • Will someone please kill either me or the guy at the next table making the loud, protracted tech-support call? #

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