Forbes Magazine: Baltimore’s Patterson Park One of America’s Best

My friend Kevin, the current First Citizen of Baltimore (an honorary title he made up), passes along this Forbes article on America’s Best City Parks.

The article focuses first on the big-name parks like Central Park and Chicago’s Millenium Park, but then there’s this:

Patterson Park in Baltimore, for example, is steeped in needles history; it was the site of Union encampments during the Civil War, and houses several unique, historic buildings. It’s also full of present-day pleasures–skating rinks, pavilions and playgrounds–that connect the surrounding neighbors to the space.

The article has a slideshow of all of the parks mentioned, including this shot of the pagoda in Patterson Park.

Of course, if you haven’t seen Patterson Park during a Great Halloween Lantern Parade, you haven’t lived. Here are some shots from 2005:

DSC 0203

DSC 0192

DSC 0173

This one isn’t from Patterson Park, but it is also from Halloween 2005, and I feel it’s just as important:


Yes, that is someone using a lasso to try to control a berserk Pikachu.

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