Getting Robbed at Work

And not in the usual way:

As traditional targets for theft have beefed up their security and the recession has driven people to desperate measures, robbers are infiltrating corporate offices. Many of the incidences involve small companies with ground-level offices that offer easy access. And sometimes the perpetrators are armed, heightening fear among office workers who thought their sleepy cubicle farms were safe.

Back when I worked for a small company with ground-level offices that offered easy access, we were burglarized twice. This was no real surprise, given that we were located in some kind of HUD-designated tax-break zone designed to bring businesses into neighborhoods otherwise known for junkies and vacant buildings. Behind our building, needles littered an alley where it was not uncommon for prostitutes to ply their trade. In addition to the building housing the consulting firm where I worked, the boss also owned some neighboring rowhouses, where he rented out apartments, and one day the janitor paused while emptying my trash to complain of the lake of blood he had just had to clean up in one of the entryways.

Ah, Baltimore.

So, anyway, lock up your stuff. Especially your laptop. It’s like a thousand-dollar bill, just sitting there, asking someone to take it.

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