The Week’s Tweets (2009-10-31)

  • Teenagers in sweatshirts and masks. Time to secure from handing out candy. #
  • Out of chocolate, just handing out Smarties from here on out. #
  • I went west, and I'm glad I did. #
  • Screw the economy, I'm staying in Missoula. #
  • Bummed I can't find a pumpkin. #
  • Anyone got any exciting horror movie plans for the next few days? We're going classic with The Hitcher and modern with The Strangers. #
  • WHat is best Twitter app so I don't miss direct tweets? #
  • On way to campus to score writing tests, really glad i stopped at Food For Thought for a bkfst burrito instead of hitting the food court. #
  • Note to self: remember to start looking BOTH ways on Phillips at Scott. #
  • Starting Nov. 1, MTPR will run Morning Edition until 9am! (Maybe I'll start contributing now.) #
  • Scott St. Bridge is open! You heard it here first. #
  • Scott St. bridge has a double yellow line! #
  • Looking for small businesses to profile on a financial news web site. #
  • At the Break, pondering reminding the guys at the next table that they promised each other to work, not talk, if they sat together. #
  • Wishing I had a hand truck. #
  • Fear and Swine Flu in Missoula: #
  • Is it my imagination or are there a lot of people named Millar in Montana? #

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