Fear and Swine Flu in Missoula

Has swine flu put us on a snot-slicked slippery slope to fascism? Find out over at the Missoula Notebook:

Things have gotten so bad that the White House today declared a nationwide state of emergency and advised that it would be “taking unprecedented steps to counter the emerging pandemic,” but of course this only raises new worries. With emergency powers, will the administration even need to await Congressional approval before empaneling tribunals that will decide who’s too sick to be saved?

After all, while reports of President Obama’s “civilian national security force” roving the streets at night in FEMA vans-clad in clown masks and HAZMAT suits and urging flu sufferers to surrender “so we can take care of you”-are as yet unsubstantiated, perhaps it’s only a matter of time.

The rest is here.

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