The Week’s Tweets (2009-10-03)

  • I cannot believe the stupidness of Youtube regarding using music as a soundtrack on a personal video. #
  • RT @SteveHynd: Obama WH already got more from one buffet lunch with Iran than Bush WH did in 8 yrs of saber-rattling. #
  • I just like saying "faster disaster recovery." #
  • Bad news for Hardin, MT. American Police Force run by swindler with long rap sheet: #
  • Waiting for the new grandparents. #
  • Trying to get the dr.'s office to change the codes so the lab can resubmit so the "covered prenatal care" can be covered. #
  • Are MacBooks always over-represented in coffee shops, or is it something about The Break this morning? #
  • Seriously? There's no single-serve web site to tell me what postage to put on a basic letter to Canada? #
  • Natural childbirth in a hospital? It's possible-I know, I was there. #
  • Natural Childbirth-In A Hospital?: #
  • Nice feeling to be adding a new subfolder under Clients/. #
  • Trying to internalize the axiom: Never attribute to malice what is adequately explained by stupidity/carelessness/obliviousness, etc. #
  • Gearing up. #
  • Wishing I were at the Baltimore Book Festival. #
  • Disturbed to learn that "raining, pouring, old man snoring" rhyme is "a classic description of an extradural haematoma leading to… death." #

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