The Week’s Tweets (2009-09-26)

  • First yoga class in five months felt good. #
  • 741 out of 1,000 words. Not that I'm counting. #
  • Tried the "new" Jay Leno show last night. It's like he's HEARD of comedy but doesn't quite have the knack yet. #
  • Just interviewed a high-powered Swedish IT executive and was tickled when she mentioned commuting to work on the bus. What, no Town Car? #
  • Oh, yeah, when you're not using Gmail, mailboxes have size limits. Feels like 2001 all over again. #
  • I always dreamed of becoming a "content creator." #
  • Blog commenters: mistake to think people read 2000 word comments on 1000 word posts. Better: 2-3 points + links. Even better: your own blog. #
  • "We're not 100 percenters." Trout Unlimited's Tom Reed responds to criticisms of Tester's wilderness bill. #
  • A new birth center for Missoula. #
  • Sen. Tester's Wilderness Bill: Our Best Bet for New Wilderness Areas, or Christmas for Timber Companies? #
  • Campaign to get Dr. to get lab to stop billing for test Dr. agrees was never done: two months, 5 phone calls, and counting. #
  • Why does our new Flip camera need to spend three days "on the vehicle for delivery"? Anyway, Coen footage as early as tomorrow. #
  • Declining a job interview. #
  • Test #
  • So, yes, Huggies do suck. I would have thought being water-proof is the essential, defining characteristic of a diaper. #
  • Not succeeding at getting Google Analytics to acknowledge proper installation at #

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