The Week’s Tweets (2009-09-19)

  • Chicken carcass soup. #
  • Assembling a Fisher Price Cradle 'n' Swing. #
  • Coen is always amused when I pretend to be a waiter taking him to his table when I am really just handing him to Amy for nursing. #
  • Alleged Griz assault: how NOT to keep a story secret. #
  • Coen fans: more pix in the morning. Been busy with work all week. #
  • Amazed by the story of Medal of Honor winner Jared Monti. #
  • Enjoying FB friends who say stuff like: "I was in Dillon for the Labor Day Rodeo and ordered a shot of Wild Turkey…" #
  • Clearing the desk this morning for increased dad time all weekend. #
  • Is it strange to be proud of how loudly Coen farted during his first doctor's appointment? #
  • What, are we in Sweden or Missoula? City Health Department comes to your house to help with breast feeding. #
  • Sad after speaking with the city's tree executioner. #
  • Smiling goulishly over my homemade fruit-fly trap. #
  • Maybe I need a video camera. #
  • Why won't Gmail let me send an email to the contact group I just made? #
  • Finally motivated to get organized and clear off my computer desktop so I can see my new wallpaper of Coen in his car seat. #
  • RIP Patrick Swayze. #
  • My building has every convenience. #
  • In the construction field, what do you call it when you specialize in interiors? "Finishing," or something like that? #
  • It's a boy. #

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