Soylent Green Is People!


Obama gave a great speech last night, but-as I’m sure was the Republican Party’s fondest hope for the kind of thing people would be discussing the next day-I note that as of about 2 p.m. (MT) the 13th most popular Google search is “joe wilson south carolina.”

I’m sure that at least some of those searching for more information about Mr. Wilson just want to get his Paypal information so they can shout him a drink, but I’m thinking that the popularity of this particular search indicates that I’m not the only one asking this question: “Who is this guy, and what led him to heckle the president during a televised, joint session of Congress?”

It certainly wasn’t tradition. While some countries’ legislatures, such as the British Parliament, enjoy a rich tradition of heckling the executive branch, Wilson’s outburst was such a breach of customary congressional decorum that Nancy Pelosi actually spat her Orbit-brand Postively Pomegranate gum out onto her podium, while witnesses described seeing Michelle Obama shaking her head and muttering “no, he didn’t” “daaammmnnn.”

The answer is quite simple, really.

Wilson is one of that small number of Americans who understand that all Obama really wants to do is suction all of the money out of law-abiding Americans’ bank accounts (Republicans first, of course) and use it to pay for mandatory abortions, free Botox and breast enhancements for illegal immigrants (as if they weren’t spicy enough already), and the execution of the elderly, whose corpses we will then stack like cord wood in the streets.

Wilson and his friends know that all of this-and worse-is true. After all, it’s right there between the lines of the health-care-reform bill that Obama hasn’t even written yet. But they can’t seem to convince the majority of Americans that, not only was Obama not really born in Hawaii, he wasn’t really born at all.

If you can, consider how all of this looks to the Joe Wilsons of the world. A vicious monster has somehow duped the majority of stupidest Americans to elect him president. Despite repeated exposure as the ruthless, conniving man that he really is, he is not only allowed to address schoolchildren-who as we can all agree should be insulated from politics and allowed to concentrate on the acquisition of knowledge, such as that the earth was created just 10,000 years ago-but the elected representatives of the people actually gather to listen to his policy proposals and applaud his turns of phrase.

It’s as if no one understood the danger of looking into the mesmerizing spirals of doom the man calls eyes.

When you look at it this way, it’s clear that-far from forcing Rep. Wilson to apologize (and hasn’t he had to do it enough?)-we should be commending the man for managing to keep the lid on as long as he did.

Finally, simply for informational purposes, I note that the 12th most popular Google search is currently for information about Wilson’s Democratic challenger, Rob Miller. Should you wish to give Miller a little money, you can do so here.

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