The Week’s Twitters (2009-09-05)

  • Employing the subjunctive. #
  • Transcribing interviews about the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act. #
  • Missoulian has a pretty new web site, but I still can't reliably search for and find articles. How hard is this? #
  • And can anyone help me change a background photo in the header of a WordPress blog? #
  • Anyone else out there like a good, stiff… index card? I'm disappointed by Mead and Ampad. Any suggestions? #
  • Is there no way to "share" a Facebook status update with comments thread, or am I missing something? #
  • Costco members: worth it to join for $25 per year? (I'm thinking mainly of diapers/other baby supplies.) #
  • Not particularly scared about H1N1. #
  • Hint for Scrivener users: create all cover/bid letters in one "project" so they are all in one place for easy review/reuse the next time. #