The Week’s Twitters (2009-05-09)

  • The Scipionism of Scipio is precisely that part he could not borrow. #
  • In Flagstaff, the sun feels like it is out to get you. No tall buildings + the only mountains are north of the city = no escaping the rays. #
  • Can someone tell me what a “go to market partner” is? #
  • Flagstaff: the part built 100 years ago is great, the rest, not so much. And there’s a lot of the rest. #
  • Land of the free: Montana bans red-light cameras statewide. #
  • Flagstaff. Working in the Rendezvous coffee shop in the Monte Vista hotel. Just reserved the Bob Hope suite for later in the month. #
  • Sipping tea in the meadow just now, I felt more strongly than ever that we might be able to civilize these savages yet. Arizonians, I mean. #
  • Nonplussed by the flaccid national response to swine flu, Bird Camp is instituting a strict new order. Skulls on sticks, etc. #