Keeping Up with the Internets

I know, I know, you’re damn tired of missing updates here. Nothing happens for weeks and then all of a sudden there’s TWO WHOLE POSTS TO READ.

Did you know there’s a way to keep track of new posts on all of your favorite web sites? It has to do with that funny orange symbol up at the far right of the URL bar. What that means is that there is an RSS feed available for this site, and what THAT means is that you can “subscribe” to this site and any other similarly equipped site (most are, including my New West page) and learn of new posts in one central location called an RSS reader, in which new posts from all of the sites you “subscribe” to are displayed almost as if in a sort of email inbox for the internet.

The best thing is, you can do this for free, especially if you already have a Google account (i.e., a Gmail account, which are free). There’s this thing called Google Reader, and you can learn more about it by watching a short video here. You can also buy slightly more sophisticated RSS reader programs elsewhere. Be careful, though. Stare long and hard enough into the Internet, and the Internet stares into you.

By which I mean that the potential for wasting time on this stuff is enormous.