New Features

I’m going to try to put up a new picture every day by about 7 a.m. mountain time.

Also, some new sidebar features:

  • Calendar: Days on which I’ve posted are bolded, gray, and italicized. Clicking on them takes you to the post or posts from that day.
  • Recent Posts: Lists titles of and links to, well, recent posts.
  • Tags: Now that I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.3.1, I can “tag” each post with words related to the subject, and these tags will show up in the left sidebar in the aforementioned “Tags” section. You can click on the tag to see all the posts it’s associated with; the bigger the tag, the more posts it connects to. (I’ve only tagged the last few posts, so there’s not much to find yet.) So far I’m doing this pretty randomly, but I think I’ll need to come up with some principles to guide my tagging choices so that you’ll find more than just a fleeting mention when you click.
  • Recent Comments: Links to recent comments.