Bird Camp Dispatch 6

I got a quick call from A. on Wednesday while I was at work. She was on the road, trying to locate an electronics shop that she’d found in the phone book to see if they could repair some damaged video cameras, and she called me to see if I could look up directions for her on-line. Unfortunately, the shop – which the phone book identified as being in Flagstaff – was actually in a small town south of Sedona, about an hour away. She couldn’t talk long, since she had other errands to complete and only the afternoon to get it all done.

Later, in the evening, she called me from the rim. She’ll have to buy new cameras, she thinks, and has put in bids on a couple of Ebay auctions. (I’ll have to check those for her today.) We talked about the upcoming trip a little.

“There goes a van full of elk herders,” she said at one point. Apparently, some of the tree falls caused by last week’s high winds had landed on a couple of plots’ exclusionary fences, allowing at least one elk to get into at least one of the enclosures. While A. had been gallivanting around town all day (as she put it) a bunch of the bird campers had been running around the enclosure in the 90-degree heat, trying to chase an elk toward the opening in the fence.

Just another day at Bird Camp.