Things To Do In Baltimore

A correspondent answered my plea for “things I really must do in Baltimore before leaving” in considerable detail. I’ve crossed out the ones I’ve already accomplished.

biking through southwest baltimore
biking in brooklyn park and maybe even fishing there
stolen heart cabaret
the lithuanian dance hall
farmers market, waverly
farmers market, jones falls
as many diners as you can
upstairs at the ottobar
downstairs at charm city art space
the b&o railroad museum
and trains trains trains
greenmount cemetery
the roof of the copy cat building
the red room/normals books
a totally amatuer coffee house in charles village (in hopkins multi-denominational center)
the book thing
charm city roller girls
roller skating at skateland
duckpin bowling, belair road
watching “hamilton” and feeling akward about the akward dialogue by non-actors, but apreciating the beautiful camerawork.
skinny dipping at pretty boy and then get a park ranger drive a boat over to give you a ticket
tubing in the gunpowder
hiking at soldiers delight
haunted mental hospitals
riding the bus instead of driving
1.5th generation (korean karaoke) [closed down, unfortunately]
demetri’s in hampden
jazz at the new haven lounge
riding bikes in the jones falls festival when they close down 83 and you can bike on it
the high zero festival
the transmodern age festival
spending hours at the enoch pratt free library
lexington market
blacks in wax museum
building a sandcastle out of cigarette butts in ocean city
the bso
american visionary art museum

Looks like I’d better get cracking.

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