Weather Wimps: Snow Day, Pt. 2

Speaking of snow days, and I believe we were, I was amused to read comments on the subject earlier this week from one whose contributions to Baltimore’s public discourse usually run more toward “no comment.” In a brief Sun op-ed, Matt Jablow, “public affairs director” (usually identifed in news reports as “Agent Matt Jablow” and “a spokesman”) for the Baltimore Police Department, shared his opinion that “we” are “weather wimps” for closing schools and cancelling work “at the first sign of the possibility of snow.” (He contrasts our wimpiness with the fortitude shown by Washington and his troops during their winter at Valley Forge, and finds us lacking.)

I really want to say something snarky now, but I’m trying to break that habit.

Update (2007 02 20): Some letter writers did it better than I could have. The best point: we move a lot faster these days than was possible in old George Washington’s days. If everyone were just inching along on foot, that would be one thing. But if George had ever had to worry about a bus in a ditch, he probably would have kept his kids home, too.